Company Introduction

Modern Industry Research Group was established on Dec. 07, 1991 under Reg. No. 87200, at companies’ registration department with subject-matter of establishment and putting into operation of manufacturing and industrial factory, to construct and manufacture headlight of heavy and light vehicles and motorcycles. This company is honored to have a long cooperation with domestic automobile making companies such as Irankhodro and Saipa, and at the present time is regarded as one of the main suppliers of state automobile making companies with a capacity of more than 6,000,000 automobile main lights and wing mirrors per year.

Modern Industry Research Group has two manufacturing factories that the first factory is located at 32-kilometer of southwest of Tehran, Shahriar city, in a land with an area of 50000 sq. m and 22000 sq, m roofed space, and the second factory located at Ashtian city, Markazi province, in a land with an area of 10000 sq. m and 7200 sq. m roofed space.



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