This company is designer and manufacturer of different types of vehicle lights (headlights, hazard warning lights, side lights, and fog lights) and also vehicle mirrors which at the present time is one of the main suppliers of state vehicle manufacturing companies such as Saipa and Irankhodro, and also spare parts market and export a remarkable share of its products to foreign countries. 206 Rear hazard lights, front lights, rear hazard lights, 207 fog lights, are some of the products of the company which have been mass-produced recently.Manufacturing and technical facilities: Modern Industry Research Group, using investments, took action to equip up to date machinery and facilities of relevant industry, in such a way that it has complete technology for manufacturing and production of new generation lights. Technical laboratories and quality control of this company has been approved by Iran National Standard Organization, and has continuous cooperation with standard organization.

The most important existing facilities and equipment are as follows:

  • Automatic lens hard coating machines and facilities
  • Automatic reflector coating machines and facilities
  • Different types of plastic injection machines and accessories in sizes of 80 to 1100 tons
  • Vacuum coating for metalized coat
  • Different types of BMC press and injection machines
  • Robatic lines for montage of different types of vehicle lights
  • Polymer raw materials compounding
  • Packaging carton manufacturing machines
  • Montage and manufacturing lines of different types of vehicle wire sets
  • Different types of moulding and metalworking machinery and equipment and (CNC. Milling)
  • Quality control lab, in the field of performance and durability and chemical and physical environment tests
  • Vehicle lights Photometry and Colorimetric test machines





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